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RobotSpace is a Robotics and Embedded Systems Start-Up based in Hyderabad.We build awesome Robots and offer Product Development Services. Feel free to Contact Us to know how we can help you.

What We Do


We love robots and are really good at making them. We can provide you with Robot Arms, QuadCopters, Inspection Robots, Entertainment Robots, Defence Robotics and any thing else you can imagine. Read More…

Industrial Automation

We cannot imagine Industries without automation ! industrial automation is important if you want to maximize production and profits. We will provide you with customized and low cost automation services. Read More…

Embedded Systems

Now a days everything is embedded your mobile,oven,refrigerator everything has a small embedded system within. We can design for any requirement be it a mini pc or a wireless access point we will do it. Read More…

Home Automation & Security

Homes are meant for Relaxation, Security and quality Family Time. Maximize that using RobotSpace’s affordable Home Automation and Security solutions, we will make your life at home a breeze. Read More..

Connected Devices

The world has become more connected, we specialize in hardware+internet+mobile technology. We are experts in developing connected devices using internet and networks. Read More…

Custom Development

There are requirements which cannot be satisfied by robotics or automation alone. We love challenges and will take up such multi-domain projects leaning on our expertise in all aspects of engineering. Read More…